Children's Songs

With a repertoire of almost 200 songs written for various educational programs, Jessica’s children’s songs have been published around the world. Written to accompany a textbook, or as part of educational videos, the samples of songs below are part of programs to teach English as a second language to children grades 1 to 6 in Latin America, South American and Asia.

"For Breakfast Today"
theme: breakfast
style: swing
age group: 9-10

"The Recycling Rap"
theme: recycling
style: rap
age group: 12-13

theme: traveling superheroes
style: rock/pop
age group: 9-10

"Save the Animals"
theme: endangered animals
style: reggae
age group” 10-11

"Working on a Farm"
theme: farm animals
style: children’s
age group: 7-8
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Videos produced by VPG Integrated Media, for Macmillan Education. All rights reserved.

And also: Jessica's Musicals for Children
From "Beauty and the Beast" to "The Emperor's New Clothes", Jessica has written many songs for children's musical performances of fairy tales and kids' books. She has also composed music for a variety of other projects for children (such as the song below.) Contact Jessica for more info.

"Beyond the Gravy"
theme: monster cooking show!
style: horror/jazz
TV show produced by Newkat Studios